Research @ SciNet

SciNet is the supercomputer center at the University of Toronto.

Our team is composed by scientists with expertise in the following research fields:

  • Computational Astrophysics, Molecular Dynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Complex Networks.
  • Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Deep Learning,
  • Scientific and High-Performance Computing: applications and implementations,
  • Scientific Visualization: applications, implementation and development.
  • BioInformatics.

If you would like to establish a collaboration with our research team to work in a project, please contact us at research _at_

SciNet’s Publications:

Trends in Demand, Growth, and Breadth in Scientific Computing Training Delivered by a High-Performance Computing Center,
Journal of Computational Science Education vol 10(1) (2019).
R.Van Zon, M.Ponce, E.Spence and D.Gruner
Presented at the Fifth Workshop on Best Practices for Enhancing HPC Training and Education (BPHTE18) @ SC18
Cooperate-and-radiate co-evolution between ants and plants,
K.M.Kaur, P-J.G.Malé, E.Spence, C.Gomez, M.E.Frederickson
Bridging the Educational Gap between Emerging and Established Scientific Computing Disciplines,
Journal of Computational Science Education, vol 10(1) (2019).
M.Ponce, E.Spence, R.Van Zon and D.Gruner
Presented at the Workshop on Strategies for Enhancing HPC Education and Training (SEHET18) @ PEARC18
Software-Driven Capabilities of a Ultra-High-Resolution Video Wall,
In prep. (2018)
R.Van Zon and M.Ponce
The bromodomain-containing protein Ibd1 links multiple chromatin-related protein complexes to highly expressed genes in Tetrahymena thermophila,
Epigenetics & Chromatin (2018)
A.Saettone, J.Garg, J‑P.Lambert, S.Nabeel‑Shah, M.Ponce, A.Burtch, C.Thuppu Mudalige, A‑C.Gingras, R.E.Pearlman and J.Fillingham,
The influence of neutrinos on r-process nucleosynthesis in the ejecta of black hole–neutron star mergers,
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (2017) Volume 464, Issue 4, Pages 3907–3919.
L.F.Roberts, J.Lippuner, M.D.Duez, J.A.Faber, F.Foucart, J.C.Lombardi, S.Ning, C.D.Ott, M.Ponce

Scientific Computing, High-Performance Computing and Data Science in Higher Education,
Journal of Computational Science Education, vol 10(1) (2019).
arXiv version (2016).
M.Ponce, E.Spence, D.Gruner and R.Van Zon
Presented at the Workshop on Strategies for Enhancing HPC Education and Training (SEHET18) @ PEARC18

Detecting the orientation of magnetic fields in galaxy clusters,
Nature Phys.6:520 (2010).
C. Pfrommer, L J. Dursi
SciNet: Lessons Learned from Building a Power-efficient Top-20 System and Data Centre,
Journal of Physics: Conference Series (2010) Vol.256, Nbr.1.
C.Loken, D.Gruner, L.Groer, R.Peltier, N.Bunn, M.Craig, T.Henriques, J.Dempsey, C-H.Yu, J.Chen, L J.Dursi, J.Chong, S.Northrup, J.Pinto, N.Knecht and R.Van Zon

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